‘Improvement of Digital Channels Monetization’ represents a critical need of today’s companies as they invest an ever increasing proportion of their budget in digital channels in the quest to achieve their goals in Marketing, Communications and Customer Management / Customer Journey Management (lead, acquisition, retention, loyalty, up/cross-sell and exit management). But how do we ensure that this investment will be profitable with attractive ROI?

‘Improvement of Digital Channels Monetization’ (masterclass or workshop based on your actual business issue / opportunity at hand):

How will you and your organization benefit?

Understand the full range of instruments available in Greece, their relative sizes and growth trends (in Greece as well as major foreign markets)

Understand the ideal use of each instrument according to operational objectives and priorities at any time, as well as critical KPIs, benchmarks and minimum effective thresholds

Learn what are the Best Practices and what are the risks and pitfalls to avoid in targeting, briefing, designing and, above all, measuring results, controlling and auditing agencies involved in the purchase for media time and space. Get tips for the optimization thereof

Get knowledge about optimizing the media mix, get exposure to the notion and practice of ‘Baseline’, and to the use of attribution models to maximize the effectiveness of the investment

Have the opportunity to practice through short interactive exercises

Get a practical guide (steps and tips) for immediate use

Develop actionable and innovative plans for immediate implementation (in case of workshop)

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