Additional Services

1. Revenue Growth Management Training and Workshops (English)                                               Read more here

Introduction to the revenue growth model

Overview of how a revenue growth framework can significantly improve top and bottom line business results

Audit and gap analysis: methodology to identify gaps and opportunities for revenue growth

Idea generation, size of prize, monetization and prioritization

Action and time planning for results

2. Coaching and Mentoring for Professional and Business Growth (English)

Introduction to the coaching framework and the respective modules

Audit protocol to identify the opportunity modules for you

Customized versioning of selected coaching framework modules

The 3P+1 framework and how it can work for you

Customized action plans

Support for your teams

3. EU (Erasmus+) Capacity Building Programs and Services, Project Management and Work Packages Delivery (Higher Education, VET, CoVE, Innovation (Greek and English)

4. Service Design Fundamentals Training and Workshops in Collaboration with: (Greek, German, English, Spanish)                                                                                                                        Read more here

Introduction to Design Thinking Fundamentals Workshop

Overview of how AI tools can enhance the Design Thinking process

Briefing and Research: Utilizing AI for in-depth investigation and analysis

Persona Creation using AI: Crafting engaging and realistic personas

Problem Statement and Ideation: Generation and refinement of creative ideas

Prototyping: Developing and Visualizing prototypes.

Testing and Delivery: Testing of prototypes and finalization of design projects

5. End to End Digital Markeing for Commerce and eCommerce Growth: Strategies, Tactics and Delivery Powered by AI (Greek, English)                                                                                                        Read more here

Digital Footprint Ecosystem and competition analysis

AI powered development of personals, communication strategy, and creative materials

Ad channels / platform and Investment strategy and planning

Laser targeted Creative materials development

Technical strategy and campaigns implementation

Continuous monitoring and campaigns optimization

Reporting of results, Reporting Learnings and Revisions

6. Career Orientation, CV Development, Interviewing and Placement Coaching Services (Greek, English, German, French, Spanish)

Skills, competencies, desires, dreams

Career road-mapping and angling

SEO and AI powered CV Development and Optimization

Job search methodology and tips

Motivational Letter and CV adjustments for application submissions

Research and Preparation for Interviews tips

Interview tips (physical and Digital)

Follow-up tips

Negotiation tips

Job offers and closure tips

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