Omni-Channel and Customer Journey Mapping & Optimization is a critical, most practical and cost-effective customer-centric methodology that is an integral part of each company's (B2B, B2C or B2B2C) business regardless of its industry, sector or activity.

‘Omni-Channel Approach & Customer Journey Mapping & Optimization’ (masterclass or workshop based on your actual business issue / opportunity at hand):

How will you and your organization benefit?

Understand the Omni-channel and End2End Customer Journey methodology and the value it can give to your business and customers

Understand the philosophy and key points of the methodology, its stages and steps (one by one), the practical results per stage / step, and the overall result and practical benefit of the methodology

Explain in a proactive and experiential manner the horizons that open up to the creativity and effectiveness of strategies, plans and ideas when they are developed based on the findings of each stage of this particular methodology and are targeted to the needs of selected ‘persona’(s) and optimized for specific touchpoints in the customer journey

Become aware of Best Practices and of what are the risks and pitfalls to avoid

Acquire knowledge about the needs in terms of human resources and resourcing, technology infrastructures, systems and data, and appreciate the beneficial impact of the methodology on business culture and co-operation between different departments and across functions and hierarchical levels

Experience in an interactive way through a real case study, all the stages and steps of the methodology so that you can apply it practically on your own the next day

Get a practical guide (steps and tips) for immediate use

Develop actionable and innovative plans for immediate implementation (in case of workshop)

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