Why We Are Different

  • Actionable and results driven problem-solving and opportunity-identification and exploitation built on real world experience, creative, yet pragmatic and implementable solution
  • Not a “one size fits” all solution – tailored to your needs (and budget…)
  • “Hands on” approach (from conception to implementation to measurement of results)
  • 25-30 years each of Multi-FMCG product, retail and customer experience
  • Multi company experience – large Blue Chip International, medium sized and start-ups
  • Worked in and with more than 30 countries covering developed, developing & emerging types
  • Varied functional experience – Marketing/Comms, Customer, Commercial, Sales, Finance & eCommerce
  • Knowledge of the culture, the needs, the people, the System, the pitfalls and the opportunities (we are one of you!!)