Additional Services

Revenue Growth Management Training and Workshops (Only in English)

Revenue Growth management (only in English) - For more details click here

EU (Erasmus+) Capacity Building Services and Support (Higher Education, VET, CoVE, Innnovation)

Customer Segmentation, Personas and Customer Journey Mapping and Optimization - For more details click here

Digital Transformation and Improvement of Digital Channels Monetization - For more details click here

Design Thinking Fundamentals - For more details click here

Brand and Product Portfolio Management Optimization

Brand Positioning / USP – UBP

Erasmus+ Projects and Management

Channels Segmentation and Profitable Management

Customer Service Fundamentals’ training

Customer Management Fundamentals / Process Reengineering and Customer Engagement Layers

Customer: Prospects, Leads, Hot Leads, Conversion, Acquisition, Cross/Up-sell, Retention, Loyalty, WOM & Referrals and Exit Management Optimization & Campaign Planning

Retail Concept Development / Retail Assortment, Floor Planning, Product and Visual Merchandising Mapping and Optimization.

‘Senior-Level-Professionals Re-Boot’ Program

Training, Mentoring andCoaching

Negotiation Techniques & Win/Win Solutions

Team Performance & Output Improvement

Team & Systems Management Optimization

Performance Management & Improvement

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